Bluegrass Pharmacy is your partner in patient care.
Bluegrass Pharmacy alleviates the burden of administrative tasks to make it easier for you to focus on what you do best — caring for patients. Our clinically trained staff works directly with yours, coordinating our efforts to ensure patients get the best possible healthcare experience. As your partner, Bluegrass Pharmacy delivers:
  • The medications your patients need

  • Initial consultation with patients

  • Regular follow-up and ongoing communication

  • Prior authorization assistance

  • 24/7 patient support

We make it easy to prescribe medications by providing you with disease specific Rx forms to complete on behalf of your patients.

Prescribers – How to get prescriptions to Bluegrass

Bluegrass Pharmacy is here to help make a difference when it matters most.

Phone: 855-492-0817
Fax: 866-233-8317
NPI: 1447568324
NCPDP: 1832004

Address: Bluegrass Pharmacy, 160 Moore Dr. Suite 105, Lexington, Kentucky 40503


At Bluegrass, we hold ourselves to the highest professional standards, including URAC Specialty Pharmacy 3.0 accreditation.

Q: How do I know which prescriptions to send to Bluegrass?

A: Prescribers can send all specialty prescriptions to Bluegrass and be confident it will be handled appropriately. In cases where we cannot fill a given prescription for any reason, we will work with the patient and payer to transfer the prescription to a pharmacy that can. We will then notify your office of this change and which pharmacy is treating your patient.

Q: How will I know if there’s a problem filling a prescription?

A: Bluegrass has perfected the art of serving as a single point of contact for prescribers, patients and payers. We have robust communication protocols in place which ensure that your office is advised if there are any issues as a specialty prescription is processed. Not only will you be informed if there is a problem, we can also confirm shipment and/or receipt at your request.

Q: Am I notified if there are issues with adherence or persistence with any on my patients?

A: Yes. If a patient falls out of predetermined clinical ranges a form outlining the issue and the interventions taken is sent to you.

Q: How does Bluegrass support drug therapy adherence?

A: Lapses in adherence may render complex regimens ineffective. Continual monitoring of patient medication adherence rates and proactive interventions are routine in our clinical patient management program and have been shown to improve outcomes.

Q: What is the “new patient experience” at Bluegrass? How are patients enrolled?

A: When working with a patient for the first time, Bluegrass performs a thorough, personalized initial assessment to establish a true care-based relationship. In every case, this assessment is done by a Clinical Pharmacist. Through this process we create a patient profile that includes:

• Overall patient condition and risk assessment
• Complete list of all medications currently prescribed
• Comorbidities (if any)
• Identify any potential adherence issues

The Importance of
Medication Adherence
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